DC Photo Map

A couple of blogs today (GGW, DCist) featured this fantastic map of DC and environs from Flickr user Eric Fischer.

DC Photo Map_1

Fischer has a set of similar maps from various cities around the world.  Fischer’s methodology takes data from the images and the user accounts to determine the location of the photo (via geotagging), as well as the time and date and the type of user (tourist, local, or unknown).  Tourist photos are in red, locals in blue, and unknown data in yellow.  Each dot represents a photo.  Photos taken in succession by the same user within 10 minutes of each other are connected by a line.

DC Photo Map_2

Fischer also has maps of cities that do not discern between tourists and locals.

2 comments to DC Photo Map

  • Shocking, all this photography of potential terrorist targets! 😉

  • […]  While adding some buffer around the White House, the larger point is that downtown already has most of the city’s tall buildings.  Furthermore, if we’re talking about adding a modest increase in heights allowed in DC (something along the lines of allowing buildings to be twice as tall as the streets they front on, rather than the current limit of street width + 20 feet), then views like this and this within the monumental core will look exactly the same in all of the tourist photos. […]

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