Short, clear station names vital to transit system wayfinding

WMATA map with long station names: “they’re not station names, they’re committee meeting minutes.”

The folks at London Reconnections have a new podcast – On Our Line. The second episode features a long conversation with two experts on transit map design and understanding, Max Roberts and Peter Lloyd.

The discussion hits on several topics

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Metro highlights frequency in new bus map

This week, Greater Greater Washington highlighted WMATA’s latest iteration of their new bus map (as post on the first iteration is here), which opts for a diagrammatic representation of the bus network, highlighting frequent, all-day bus services over infrequent and irregulat coverage bus routes.

The new map is a huge improvement of

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Frequency Mapping

Last week, Jarrett Walker had a great post illuminating the basic reasons for ‘frequency mapping,’ where a transit agency maps out transit routes that meet some threshold for frequent service (such as buses every 10 minutes, or 15 minutes, etc).

There are many degrees of frequency and span, but in general, most transit agencies’ service

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Briefly noted

Some items of note today:

Matt Johnson (GGW, Track Twenty-Nine) takes a closer look at Metro’s new 7000 series railcars. The ‘America’s Metro’ logo seems to have disappeared, and there are opportunities for a longitudinal seating arrangement. Ed Glaeser looks at the role of historic preservation in limiting development in New York, and looks

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Lost? How about a map.

Second Ave Sagas has a great subway-style map of Lost’s fictional universe – in advance of tonight’s season premiere.

This is the creation of John Cabrera, who explains it further here.