The true cost of gasoline

The New York Times’ oil map now includes a close-up of the landfall area around the Gulf Coast.

In Sunday’s Washington Post, Ezra Klein provides some much-needed context as to the true cost of oil, and in turn the gasoline we buy to power our cars. The key part is framing the overall

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Intersection density & centrality

What is the best method to quantify what makes a place walkable? The Journal of the American Planning Association recently published some powerful documentation from Robert Cervero and Reid Ewing on the value of pedestrian-oriented design (following up on yesterday’s links). Grist has the article (hat tip to Planetizen), citing Laurence Aurbach’s PedShed blog –

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You are responsible for spills

Good to know.

More Oil Maps

The New York Times continues to update their oil spill map, mentioned before here.

The comparison in the legend to the volume of oil from the Exxon Valdez is the scary part.

NYT Infographics – VMT and Oil

Two great infographics from the New York Times – both related to petroleum.

First, a great graph of per capita VMT compared to changes in gas prices:

Putting vehicle miles traveled per capita along the x-axis instead of time makes the swings in both price and VMT more obvious. The massive growth of VMT

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