693,972 – new DC population estimates


Happy New Year to the very few people who swing by this blog…

Ah, the benefits of living in a city-state – the only American city-state. You get your city’s updated population estimates from the US Census Bureau as part of the state-level estimates. And DC’s growth has continued apace, now estimated at 693,972

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Weekend Reading – “Taking my talents to South Beach”

"we are all witnesses" – partie traumatic

I’m back from a summer blogging vacation. It’s still damn hot in DC.

“I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.” The inescapable news in the sports world last week was LeBron James’ decision on where to play professional basketball. James spurned his current (and hometown)

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Populating DC

Things going up. CC image from flickr.

Some assorted Census/demographic items from recent days:

DC’s population is closing in on 600,000 residents. One of Ryan Avent’s commenters (rg) notes the historical issues with the accuracy of the Census Bureau’s annual population estimates for cities and urban areas:

Building on what Eric wrote: throughout the

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