About that Wisconsin Capitol…

Perhaps I spoke too soon about the virtues of the truly open and public nature of the Wisconsin Capitol. Governor Walker has essentially closed the building down, slowly forcing protesters out in a war of attrition. Despite a court injunction that the building shall remain open during public business hours, only those with scheduled appointments

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An ode to the Wisconsin State Capitol

cc image from alumroot on flickr

As painful and divisive as the recent events in Madison, WI have been, I’ve been overcome by the openness and civic use of the Wisconsin State Capitol and the adjoining Capitol Square. Mammoth recently posted an excellent piece on observations of the social action and public space as they’ve

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Snow day

We got the illest weatherman in the biz on storm watch… – dilated peoples

Metro might have to limit itself to the ‘snow map‘ [EDIT] – Snow map is on – Metro has suspended all above-ground transit service [/EDIT] Mammoth links to Design Observer’s piece from Sergio Lopez-PiƱeiro on snow landscapes.

What remains to be

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