On profitability and privatization

CC image from AMagill on Flickr

Given Metro’s current and future budgetary issues (and the plethora of ideas to fix them amongst various comment threads at GGW and other places), discussions of profits and priorities are certainly topical. With that in mind, Jarrett Walker has an excellent post up on the fundamental goals of

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Salt and infrastructure beneath the city

Ever wonder where all that road salt comes from? A question that’s quite topical today. Mammoth has a post up on an operating salt mine beneath the city of Detroit.

Detroit Salt Mine

John Nystuen has a discussion of the legal implications, acquiring mineral rights for salt 1,000 feet below the surface of an

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Station cleaning – the end product

Today’s snow storm means Metro’s been limited to their underground service map only. Given that buses are out of commission, this low level of service is the only real way to get around town. It also means there’s plenty of time to spend in the stations waiting for trains.

So, while waiting at Potomac Avenue,

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Metro snow operations

Given the heavy (and ongoing) snowfall, Metro is only operating rail service in select underground locations, in order to prevent trains from getting stranded as accumulating snow makes it difficult to maintain contact with the third rail, and also to use existing tunnels to keep rail cars dry and operable, rather than buried in snow

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Snowpocalypse updates

Venturing into the white abyss…

Some random observations and links, since we’re all stuck inside:

Snowball fights – the new kickball?

Travel by train – “as God intended.” Heh heh.

Some photos I snapped today:

Tree down at Meridian Hill, took out the streetlight on the way down.


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Snowpocalypse II

Remain calm. All is well!

Lost? How about a map.

Second Ave Sagas has a great subway-style map of Lost’s fictional universe – in advance of tonight’s season premiere.

This is the creation of John Cabrera, who explains it further here.