Buying into the urban ‘myth’

Williamsburg Bridge. CC image from Kev Gilmour

(Building off the previous post, in response to this Atlantic Cities piece)

If Feargus O’Sullivan isn’t really moving to a “suburb” as his article is entitled, but rather to a different urban neighborhood – then what’s the reasoning behind this? O’Sullivan complains about “hype” and “supposed edginess

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‘Suburb:’ an increasingly worthless term

1954 GMC Suburban Ad – CC image from Alden Jewell

Hot of the presses last week at The Atlantic Cities was a piece from Feargus O’Sullivan entitled “Why I Moved Back to the Suburbs.” Without touching on the reasons for O’Sullivan to make that move, the very premise depends on what you call a

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Towards a DC S-Bahn

S-Bahn logo. From wiki.

This week, Greater Greater Washington has run a series of posts on the hurdles to implementing through-routed commuter rail services in DC. The technical reasons include many basic incompatibilities between the region’s two commuter railroads (MARC and VRE), ranging from type of locomotion to platform height, as well as the

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Green vs. gray – two sides of the same coin

DC Water's Blue Plains waste water treatment facility. CC image from erin m.

While perusing Twitter (hat tip to Jeff Wood), I came across this Guardian article about urban uses of natural processes to do the dirty work of urban pollution mitigation. The piece discusses all types of green infrastructure and the natural processes

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HSR and the Aerotropolis

Frankfurt Airport long-distance rail station – CC image from Heidas on Wiki

Alon Levy has a post up about the potential for high speed rail to fulfill the goals of ‘decongesting’ US airports. Alon looks at origin/destination pairs and compares the flight time to comparable HSR ranges where the technology has a chance to

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Updating the reading list

CC image from sabeth718

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the reading list, so I’ve added several new (and several old) reads to the list. I also kept the link to my old (and no-longer supported) Google Reader shared items feed, while also adding the full del.ici.ous links feed.

I’ve got a few

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Cities and the constructal law

CC image from Other Think

Several months ago, I picked up a copy of Design in Nature as an impulse buy at the bookstore. I was purchasing a gift and the cover caught my eye. A quick perusal of the jacket and a few pages of the introduction was enough for me to fork

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