Wayfinding challenges for WMATA’s Rush Plus

WMATA’s recent service change, branded as Rush Plus (probably over-promising things just a bit as “rush hour reinvented”), involved deviating from Metro’s fairly straightforward delineation of lines and services via color. Metro’s increasingly complicated service pattern is getting to the point of requiring a similarly robust nomenclature for services.

When a rider speaks of the

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Streetcar lessons from France

Paris T3 – image from wikipedia – note the seven-segment vehicle, dedicated right of way, and grass tracks.

Last month, Yonah Freemark’s post on the rapid expansion of tramways in France caught my eye. These systems offer several key lessons for the streetcar projects popping up across the US, as well as here in

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Urban skiing above the Arctic Circle

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Not unlike the video of tiny Jackson Hole, I love a good ski movie. Combining it with post-industrial soviet urban landscapes from the Murmansk Oblast – even better.

Hat tip to the folks at Atlantic Cities for finding it. It took me a while to figure out how to fix

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