More links: iPhones and airports

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Following up on yesterday’s link post regarding airports, air freight, supply chains, and manufacturing jobs: two posts from Ryan Avent at The Economist.

First, on industrial agglomerations, the impacts on jobs, and how we got to this point:

Unquestionably, Asian governments aggressively pursued manufacturing and subsidised it heavily, both directly

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Links: iPhones and airports

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Rail to Dulles: MWAA Board member Robert Brown suggests eliminating the Dulles Airport rail station and replacing it with a people mover to connect to the Route 28 station as a means to save costs. Yonah Freemark finds the concept intriguing, offering some operational considerations that could make it

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On density and design tradeoffs

Bethesda Row – note that you don't even see how tall the buildings are – CC image from faceless b

Kaid Benfield’s excellent blog had a post last week on the need for better urban design and management of the public realm in our new, dense infill development. And while I certainly agree with

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