Global transit logistics

Matt Johnson at GGW has a short post with a wonderful video documenting the logistical process of delivering a new dual-mode Bombardier locomotive to NJ Transit after manufacture in Germany. The video raises several interesting issues:

Logistics – the ALP-46, being built for North American rails, is too heavy to use existing rails for transport

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About that Wisconsin Capitol…

Perhaps I spoke too soon about the virtues of the truly open and public nature of the Wisconsin Capitol. Governor Walker has essentially closed the building down, slowly forcing protesters out in a war of attrition. Despite a court injunction that the building shall remain open during public business hours, only those with scheduled appointments

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What I’m reading

CC image from sabeth718

There’s a lot of stuff that I come across, but don’t get a chance to write about. Most of it comes through RSS feeds in my Google Reader. Since I don’t just want to keep these things to myself, I’ve added a widget to the right sidebar with items I’ve

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