A day in the life of Metro

Metro’s definitely seen better days. The Washington Post had a lengthy piece in Sunday’s edition documenting the massive problems facing the system: aging infrastructure, missing leadership, a broken safety culture, amongst others. Metro’s been trimming the fat to balance budgets for a while, and it now looks like they’ve been cutting into the bone and

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Olympic transformations

The 2010 Winter Olympics kick off today in Vancouver, British Columbia. Design Observer has an excellent interview with Vancouver’s planning director Brent Toderian. These kinds of major sporting events can be a huge opportunity to re-shape areas and integrate larger planning projects into the public support for the games. Salt Lake City’s first light rail

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Links – burrowing, tunneling

WaPo infographic on NATM for Dulles Metro

Curious about the tunnel progress for the Dulles Metro line? I ran across a WaPo infographic on the Dulles Metro line’s tunnel under the intersection of Routes 123 and 7 in Tysons Corner. This tunnel is being completed via the New Austrian Tunneling Method – the graphic

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Snowpocalypse III – Linkage

Image from Wayan Vota on Flickr

Some more pleas for realistic expectations: Ryan Avent chimes in on the economics of it all, and Jon Chait notes the basic, physical problem with dealing with so much snow in such a short period of time:

In my neighborhood, like much of Washington, people park along the

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Snow perspective, in graph form.

Since we’ve now eclipsed the seasonal record, it’s worth noting how unusual it is for DC to get lots of snow in a season, to say nothing about snow storms coming back to back. Let’s look at the history:

We’re now well above that blue star for the 1898-99 season record. As Gabe Klein noted

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Snowpocalypse III – the removal

Photo from InspirationDC on Flickr.

Well, it’s official. The winter of 2009-10 is now the snowiest winter on record in DC, eclipsing the snow season of 1898-99 That’s saying something, since DC’s current official weather station is at National Airport, which has abnormal weather conditions compared to the rest of the District, thanks to

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Things we can take from Detroit

Spirit of Detroit, from Maia C

…and I’m not just talking about salt, even though the Eastern Seaboard could use a lot of extra road salt right about now.

There are a couple of very interesting bits up on the net recently about Detroit and the lessons it has for the rest of America,

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Fun with maps

Something you can do to waste time during the snow day – UCLA has a great website with a series of historical maps scaled and overlaid on a contemporary aerial image for select cities around the world. The closest to DC is New York, but this is still a lot of fun to play around

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Snowpocalypse III – time to assess blame

Blame this guy:

Snowpocalypse II – the aftermath

Some more pics from walking around Capitol Hill today:

Different shoveling philosophies

Those who’ve lived in snowy places know this as a matter of fact – it’s a lot easier to shovel 5 inches of snow 5 different times throughout a storm than it is to try to shovel 25 inches all at once.

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