2010 Census Mug – CC image from flickr

Ryan Avent takes note of some joyous holiday news for the District:

I always love looking through new population estimates from the Census Bureau. New numbers, estimated as of July 2009, have just come out, and it appears the District is just a few hundred people

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So, when I asked if DC could have as much fun in the snow as they did in Madison a few weeks ago, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind:

City Paper – DCist

You don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight.

According to an eyewitness, a D.C. Police detective (pictured above w/

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Ridin’ the storm out

I can’t resist.

Riding the storm out Waiting for the fallout On a full moon night in the Rocky Mountain winter Wine bottle’s low Watching for the snow I’ve been thinking about what I’ve been missing in the city

Other fun items as I sit around with nothing else to do.


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Snow day

We got the illest weatherman in the biz on storm watch… – dilated peoples

Metro might have to limit itself to the ‘snow map‘ [EDIT] – Snow map is on – Metro has suspended all above-ground transit service [/EDIT] Mammoth links to Design Observer’s piece from Sergio Lopez-PiƱeiro on snow landscapes.

What remains to be

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Gehry to Planners: Drop Dead

From Catherine V on flickr

Can’t help but mention this – from the UK’s Independent, a conversation with architect (but not a fucking starchitect, damn it) Frank Gehry: (hat tip – planetizen)

“I don’t know who invented that fucking word ‘starchitect’. In fact a journalist invented it, I think. I am not a ‘star-chitect’,

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Streetcars have arrived

Our first streetcars are here. DDOT’s facebook page has the pics.

Ruth Samuelson fears burnout!

Since late summer, the city has been buzzing about streetcar lines coming to Anacostia, H Street NE and possibly numerous other corridors across the city. Some people are thrilled. Others cry waste. But until Saturday, no D.C. streetcars

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Let there be light

Following up on recent discussion of Metro’s lighting, it’s important to understand how much the surface that’s to be illuminated matters in Metro’s indirect lighting scheme. Earlier, I noted that Metro is currently going though a process of deep-cleaning several stations in the system – replacing light bulbs, cleaning the walls, etc. The Washington Post

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Infrastructure + Networks + Security

A series of (somewhat) tangentially related post/items/articles I’ve been meaning to mention here:

1. Security Theater – mammoth

There are always tensions between openness and security, and cities like DC have plenty of examples of this – everything from bollards anchored in 6 feet of subterranean concrete to jersey barriers strewn in front of

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It’s a Party!

Tuesday evening, 7pm – Greater Greater Washington is having a little holiday gathering in the RFD backroom.

I’ve also had some more stuff to post, but thanks to some lovely Comcast connectivity issues, i’ve lost it in the tubes. Thanks, Comcast.