Transit Expansion


We’ve got more details on DC’s streetcar plans. BeyondDC has more details on the plans (at BDC/GGW), and Yonah Freemark chimes in with comments at the transport politic.

And, just for fun, this is a great reason to link to the old map of DC’s streetcar system circa 1958 (matching many of DDOT’s

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Transit Series

Image from wallyg on Flickr

No, it’s not a Subway Series. But really, I didn’t need any motivation to root against the Yankees. Now, the Phillies are just begging me to hop on the bandwagon:

I have no idea what it costs to charter an Amtrak train, but I love the idea. As I

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ACS – Answering my own question

(hat tip to Dr. Gridlock)

In earlier posts, I wondered what DC’s regional transit data looks like – and with the release of the 2006-2008 three-year estimates from the American Community Survey, we have some answers.

Data is available for the Washington, DC urbanized area. That area looks like this:

So, that includes a

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This Week – Ice Hockey!

DDOT’s streetcar website has a lot of great resources. All the things you’d expect, like open house dates, construction updates, their new plans and other documents, are there and easily accessed.

They also have a gallery of some great old photos of DC’s original streetcar network.

This image (circa 1943), from the old underground

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Feedback loops

The Tsarchitect succinctly summarizes the various discussions on McMillan Two. As noted in my thoughts on the plan, this kind of dialogue is vital to make this a better plan.

JD Hammond offers a counter-proposal, drawing on Asian cities and how they interface with their rivers. Dave Murphy notes the opportunity/challenge this plan presents for

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Visualizing DC’s commute

Matt Yglesias cites a great infographic from Wikipedia on national commuting mode splits. The data, from the American Community Survey, again is only for work commutes for those residing within the central jurisdiction listed. This is a nice visual representation to see how DC stacks up nation-wide.

Since DC’s geographic area is small, both

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End of the race

Team Ontario/BC’s house.

Ruthless efficiency:

The Solar Decathlon is over, and zee Germans have won. DCist has photos here, and DC Metrocentric has a few observations:

This year, it was evident that most of the houses were designed with mainstream marketability in mind. Most of the houses were designed around a contemporary

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Eco-City Beautiful

Yes. When I was talking of green, urban infrastructure for McMillan 2, this is what I was talking about.

From the comments on my post here and at GGW, mammoth weighs in with some fantastic links.

I find the plan’s approach to the nature/city interface deeply troubling, as the plan claims to create a

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Express yourself

Express subway service is one of those burrs in the saddle for DC folks measuring themselves and their city against New York.

Over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk about express train service. First, in a GGW point/counterpoint, posters weighed the merits of the current Silver Line proposal versus a hypothetical

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This is an American city.

Detroit is a fascinating place. I’m not sure what I can specifically add to the dialogue on the city – except to say that the images of the city, as powerful as they are, don’t do justice to the impact of seeing it with your own eyes.

I feel a connection to the place, having

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