Technical Difficulties

My laptop is temporarily out of commission. Posting will be light for a few days until I can get that fixed.

Suburban Regulation

Photo by millicent bystander

Over the past week or so, there’s been a great deal of words blogged amongst various econobloggers on suburban subsidies, regulations, built form, etc. Are they the product of market demand, and thus an accurate gauge of the preferences we have for urban design? Why do libertarians not take on

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Pledge Your Support

Car Free DC is coming up next week – Tuesday, September 22, 2009. Sign up, pledge to go car free or car-lite. Also, come on down to the street celebration between 11am and 3pm on the 22nd – the street celebration will be happening outside of the Portrait Gallery and the Verizon Center at

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Waterfront Precedents

SW Waterfront. By M.V. Jantzen

Following up on discussion on having the Anacostia emulate Paris, I thought it would be nice to look at some precedents of urban rivers in other places. The idea that bothered me the most was the notion that narrowing the Anacostia’s channel by half would be no big deal

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A Parisian Anacostia

Yesterday, Kojo Nnamdi hosted classical architect Nir Buras on his show, talking about (among other things) narrowing and urbanizing the Anacostia River so it more resembles the Seine‘s course through Paris. Such a massive public works undertaking would be under the guise of a new iteration of the L’Enfant and MacMillan plans for the

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Basic Training

The Tsarchitect had a great reminder on the importance of the basics today – linking to a video from William Whyte, from a video version of his great work, the Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.

Part 1:

The remaining sections of the video are available here: (one – two – three

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More Cake Parking

Image from ITDP-Europe

The owner of Cake Love is on the record wanting more parking for businesses on U Street. Many folks commenting on his blog (myself included) are trying to convince him otherwise. Warren followed up on his comments on August 3:

I understand and really like the density argument: more people walking

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Image from Paul Keleher

This month’s edition of the Hill Rag has the usual ‘Numbers’ column from the folks at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute. This month’s subject is the decisions made by the DC Council in order to close DC”s recent budget gap. The DCFPI folks make the case that the DC

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Time to get up and go to work

I ride on the bus into the city everyday

I sit on the seat and I dream myself away

I dream I’m on an island with a foxy lady too

but when I awaken

I must be mistaken

I’m on Third Avenue.