Adding to Metro’s Core Capacity

Greater Greater Washington’s always had some great fantasy transit discussions – whether talking about the New Blue line, more fantastic visions, or even the multimodal vision for Baltimore and DC. Over the last few days, the fantasy discussions have started again. Though these are not always the most realistic discussions, they’re a great starting point

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Links – higher, faster, more conservative…

My Firefox browser is full of open tabs with sites I’ve been meaning to link to over the past few days, but haven’t had the chance – so here goes.

Higher (?) – Last week, there was an interesting back and forth between several DC bloggers over DC’s height limit. BeyondDC and Ryan Avent had

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Dave at Imagine DC (and also GGW) put up a nice concept of a separated Yellow line through the core of DC. Separating the Blue line has been the most popular suggestion, and was originally among WMATA’s official plans, but the idea of separating the Yellow line is relatively new. Still, amongst extensive discussion in

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Track Circuit Didn’t Work

News today that the track circuit underneath the stalled Metro train in Monday’s crash failed:

The track circuit below the Washington Metro train that was rear-ended by another train this week didn’t work, U.S. transportation safety investigators found in a test.The circuit was supposed to relay information about the location of trains. The National Transportation

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Metro Crash Aftermath

In the wake of Monday’s Red Line crash, DC’s various news outlets have uncovered all sorts of interesting factoids about Metro’s safety record and the implementation of various NTSB recommendations. Speculation about the causes have run rampant, ranging from mildly informed theories to pure guesswork. Some immediately blamed the now deceased operator, citing likely use

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